Across the River 2 Map v1.0 Across the River 2 Map v1.0 Across the River 2 Map v1.0 Across the River 2 Map v1.0

Map of medium difficulty, I recommend default and higher. For a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the map, I offer my legend. Your first task will be to help out the head of the village, the situation is that the driver of the local bus went into a drinking bout and now there is no one to take the men to work at the port.

Find the road to the village, there will be a bus stop where Paz with passengers is waiting for you (2 garage points). We bring them to the port (garage). A trailer with some equipment (2 garage points) was mistakenly taken to one of the sawmills, but they do not want to take it to the destination. Locate and deliver to the port (garage). Well, then according to the standard: open all the points and fill in all the files. But do not think that everything will be so simple ….

Roads are dead, worn out and very dirty. The swamps are viscous, and the paths are winding, but this is not all. A huge river divides the rien in half, and there is no money to build such a large bridge, so the river will have to be crossed by ferry (you will have three of them). To battle!

From the author of the ferry. Ferry recommendations:
– To load a car on a ferry, bring it into the port as far as it will go, lower the ramp (key 4), while the protrusion on the ramp should fall into the red rectangle of the port.
– It is not recommended to transport 2 heavy (loaded) vehicles – there may be problems with managing the ferry!
– The safe swimming area is limited to buoys, I do not advise you to “land” on shore in an unsuitable place
lose both the car and possibly the ferry!

Many thanks to the authors of the mods used on the map:
– Paz-3201 from driver-51rus
– Self-propelled ferry from Sinitsyn Vladislav

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed);
– 1 gas station;
– 13 intelligence points;
– 2 collection points;
– 2 loading points;
– 1 lumbering;
– 6 files;
– 4 cars slots on the map.

Thanks for attention. Like it. It’s not difficult for you, we are pleased

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Across the River 2 Map v1.0
Across the River 2 Map v1.0
Across the River 2 Map v1.0
Across the River 2 Map v1.0
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