The map is made in two versions with open and closed garages.
Size 1024×1024

The map was made a long time ago, redeemed, finished, reworked and decided that it was time to give it to people until it ruined it.)
There is an opportunity to use the TMM-3 bridge on the map, although it is not necessary, it can also be taken from the logging site by the skidder to the point of overload. On the map, quite often, especially in the forest part of the map, lying trees are found along the way (of course, without fanaticism), this fact should be taken into account so that they are not bombed later.

On the map we have:
– 2 garages (closed) or (open / closed) in the second version.
– 8 slots for cars for different requests
– 1 Refueling
– 5 sawmills
– 1 logging with 3 loading points, there are also places on the map where you can get logs
– Intelligence points are present

On the map are: KAMAZ-6520, KAMAZ-6522 (only in the version with a closed garage), URAL-4320, ZIL-130, K-700, MAZ-535, garage trailer (only in the version with a closed garage), service trolley.

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