Extreme Taiga Map v1.0 Extreme Taiga Map v1.0 Extreme Taiga Map v1.0 Extreme Taiga Map v1.0

So, the weekend flew so fast, but have you forgotten about the work? And so you have to sit behind the wheel of your car and go to an object located somewhere in the taiga. M / u villages have good roads and a gas station with a parking lot where you can tell stories to other drivers. But what will await you on the way to the object.

The main task is to remove the forest that has remained since the summer when laying the pipeline.

There are third-party objects on the map:
pak_obektov_i_tekstur_zimnyaya_skazka_v0_01_by_dmitriy1815, Dmitry Bogelman (Bogelma)

On the map:
– 10 intelligence points
– 3 garages, 1 open
– 1 refueling
– 1 lumbering
– 1 loading point
– 4 sawmills
– 5 slots for custom cars

There are jambs: sharp peaks of snowdrifts and flying buses (they do not interfere with the game).

Installation: copy the Media folder from the archive and copy to the root of the Spintires folder, agreeing to a replacement.
I recommend to download in addition to the map (“Early Snow Mod” by Volny).


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