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The map is built according to your own imagination and nothing is based on the artwork. The author is Meďas from the group Bohemia Moders 2017. The map size is 1: 4, so quite large. Fields are small and large, the same applies to meadows. All models used on the map are free to download on the internet and do not own one of them. Thanks to all testers who were looking for errors on the map. I hope you enjoy the map and enjoy it. This is the final version of the map 1.0.3., No more will be. There are 49 fields and 8 bows on the map. The map is very simple;

Map contains:
– cowshed
– sheepfold
– pig
– hen
– incinerator
– mill
– farm
– saw
– trade
– purchase of ZZN
– Purchase of bales and straw
– purchase of animals
– sugar factory
– dairy
– pond
– 2 villages
– building area
– Potato and beet storage
– purchase of a land
– hayloft is not intended for the storage of bulk materials
– lookout tower

Bohemia Moders 2017

Best_Village_v2.zip – 182.4 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com

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