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Claas Patch 1.2 is now available for the Platinum expansion of Farming Simulator 19 on PC/Mac as well as PS4 & Xbox One. Version number on consoles is 1.5.4. As usual, versions on Steam, Epic Games Store and consoles are updated automatically.

– serveral visual fixes
– fixed CLAAS scorpion refilling
– fixed slipping and some tools moving by themselves when they shouldn’t
– improved sounds on some machinery
– fixed cabin windows on JAGUAR 960 TT and JAGUAR 980

Complete Changelog
– improved connection hoses at ORBIS 900
– fixed clipDistance JAGUAR 960TT
– fixed lock arm from the attacher at ORBIS 900
– visual fixes at Vario 770
– added care wheel setup to Xerion twinWheelsNarrow configuration
– fixed broken skinning at TORION 639 and SCORPION 1033
– fixed steering bar at CONVIO 1230 TRAILER
– added decals to CORIO 1275C
– improved honk sound from Xerion
– fixed flying Decals at QUADRANT 5300
– fixed clipping tube at LEXION 8900
– fixed graintank fill level dashboard at LEXION 8900
– fixed reflector position at JAGUAR 980
– changed reverse lights to back working light at CARGOS 9500
– visual fixes at LEXION 8900
– added 2 additional beacon lights to LEXION 8900
– improved trailer attacher Joint at TUCANO 580 for better driving with VARIO 770 TRAILER
– improved rotation limit on SCORPION 1033
– improved upper and lower position of CORIO header
– added wheel configuration for LEXION 8900
– fixed broken reel animation at VARIO 770
– improved work areas of QUADRANT 5300, LEXION 890 and ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– increased pipe rotation limits at LEXION 8900 and TUCANO 580
– improved pipe end part rotation in folded state on LEXION 8900
– added fuel needle at XERION
– added extra lights at CONVIO 1230
– added new icons at Tractors dashboard (ARION400, ARION600, AXION800, AXION900)
– fixed wheel slip at ARION 600
– fixed vehicleType and needed RPM at VARIO 770, CONVIO 1230, CORIO 875 and CORIO 1275C
– fixed collision mask from SCORPION 1033 because you cant refill fuel
– fixed pickup effect at QUADRANT 5300
– improved chopper collison on TUCANO 580 because you cant attach a trailer
– fixed wrong engine fan animation on LEXION 8900
– fixed decal size in the front window of TORION 1914
– fixed flying parts at the cabin from ARION 400
– improved main collision from AXION 900
– fixed cables on JAGUAR 980 and JAGUAR 960TT
– visual fixed at XERION
– fixed wheel slip at CONVIO 1230 TRAILER
– improved engine sound on TORION 1914
– fixed tire sizes on ARION 600 and added MITAS broad wheels
– improved arm speed on SCORPION 1033
– fixed angular damping of wrapped silage bales from ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– removed tool adapter on TORION 1914
– fixed flying parts on ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– improved attacher limits on TORION 1914
– visual fixed on ARION 400
– fixed grain tank effect at auger on LEXION 8900
– fixed different track rim colors on LEXION 8900 AND JAGUAR 960 TT
– fixed pickup wheels rotation on ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP
– added cardan animation on ARION 600
– fixed hub size on AXION 900
– fixed crab steering on XERION
– fixed weights of W1800
– added beacon light on CONVIO 1230 TRAILER
– added new dashboard icons on ARION 400,600 and AXION 800/900
– changed broad wheels from TM900 to TM100 at AXION 900
– adjusted light rotation on AXION 800, AXION 900, SCORPION 1033, TORION 639, TORION 956 SINUS, JAGUAR 980 and XERION 5000
– added beacon lights on CORIO 1275C and VARIO 770 header trailers
– adjusted fill level on CARGOS 9500
– adjusted hubs on ARION vehicles
– added new wheels to the LEXION 8000
– added lamp to grain tank of TUCANO 580
– added missing lights and improved textures on AXION 900
– added day driving light to AXION 900
– fixed DISCO 3600 FC moving by itself
– fixed DISCO 1100C moving by itself
– improved hose connections on TORION 1914
– fixed dashboard on LEXION 8000
– improved skinning of sideflaps on DISCO 3600 FC
– fixed cabin windows on JAGUAR 960 TT and JAGUAR 980
– improved wheel position and gap between wheels and axis on CORIO 1275C header trailer
– added new (bigger) wheels to AXION 900
– improved slipping of TORION 1914
– fixed light rotation on JAGUAR 960TT, JAGUAR 980, TUCANO 580
– improved sliding of DIRECT DISC 500 and CONVIO 1230 header trailers
– fixed window on XERION 5000
– added Trelleborg and Michelin narrow tires on AXION 800
– fixed rotation of warning sign on LEXION 8000
– fixed floating parts on ARION 600
– did some visual clean ups on LEXION 8000, ROLLANT 455 UNIWWRAP and CLAAS WEIGHTS
– fixed decal on TUCANO 580
– fixed decal positions on LEXION 8000
– fixed backlights on ARION 600 being too bright while turned off
– added some visual fixes on the CONVIO 1230 and CORIO 1275 header trailers
– fixed flickering decal on ARION 400
– added cable connections to CONVIO 1230, CORIO 1275C header trailers and LEXION 8000
– fixed dashboard needle on XERION 5000 while engine was turned off
– fixed flickering decal on QUADRANT 5300
– added some visual fixes for ARION 400, ARION 600, AXION 800, AXION 900
– fixed hose positions on CORIO 1275C hand CORIO 1275C header trailer
– added visual fixes for JAGUAR 980, JAGUAR 960 TT, LEXION 8000, XERION 5000, TUCANO 580, SCORPION 1033, TORION 639, TORION 1914 and TORION 956 SINUS
– repositioned camera slightly to the front on TORION 639 and TORION 956 SINUS
– slightly improved dirt on JAGUAR 980
– fixed flickering screws on QUADRANT 5300
– fixed dashboard on TUCANO 580
– adjusted narrow wheel configuration of ARION 600

Happy patching!

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