I guess you can say this is my version 2 of The Mandalorian Glass House, but it was to large of a update so it’s just a whole new mod, This is the Mandalroian house showed in Rebels, i think it was called house Wren? but i’m not certain. Finally a house where the lights work and dont glitch strong beams of light throughout the map, just light where you want it. As i said before, it can be used as a ramdom house but there’s a large painting of Ursa that really seams to give the exspretion that it’s “Mandalorian” away. If your going to download this please read: If your having trouble getting inside the building there’s a large gap in the stares. Thus, you have to jump. (long story) Anywho.
Collsions and textures
Have fun!

spartan756/Elk Ranch modding – 2.7 MB

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