Lifted off road golf cart features.

• Color Select (bullbar,Winch,Main Body,Rims and Lift Kit)
• Working Winch
• 2 Engine Types

Thanks to Austin Farmer for suggesting the convert. find his youtube here.

Thanks to the original moder Lambo Mods for permision to public release.

Thanks nick exley for permision to use his winch visual. Also Note His Tow hook is needed for the winch. Link Below

Thanks to Josh Pearson and Shaun Dodds for there work on the lights.

and as usual big thanks to my testers you play a huge part in releases. more than you may think.

Hope you enjoy the mod.

Convert by NinjaMan Mods/Edits

(Convert) NinjaMan Mods/Edits – 59.8 MB

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