FillTrigger Fix, sprayer can now be filled (Attention, the lid of the must be open)
New: Added LSFM IT Runner Container to the pack
New: IT Runner Trailer added to the pack, so it fits better with the pack nor Nokian Wheels were installed
New feature: Lids now have sound effects
New function: filled tanks can now be refueled easily with Filltypes the old Filltype will be overwritten.

Universal tank trailer pack with advanced features.

Note: This pack creates under Tools a new shop category there is everything from the pack to find.

Contents of this pack:
Universal Tank Trailer 7500L (small 1 axle drum)
Universal Tank Trailer 18000L (larger 2 axle drum)
Universal Tank Trailer 32000L as a semitrailer semi-trailer
Universal storage tank 3000L
Universal Shuttle Tank 10000L mountable on all trucks
Universal IBC Container Tank 2000L
Telehandler Hook for moving the two tanks attached with chain
Attention ! The IBC module was removed because of too many problems.

For further explanation and functionality, watch the Snookie Snu video.


FS19_lsfmUniversalTankPack.zip – 33.0 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com

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