The Manitou MC18 Container Edition is a conversion of the original forklift from the FS 19.

The lifting mechanism was rebuilt so that this forklift can now also load box bodies and ISO containers with pallets.

In addition, the forks can now be moved and adjusted in their span.

All functions are available in the F1 menu.

A walkaround and an “in action” video can be seen here: Alfred’s for the FS19

For whatever reason, I could not use DynamicMountAttacher (as it is in the original). The pallet has rocked up and eventually even hopped down. But I can not guess who the culprit is. So it stays with the simple forks. You just have to look at the texture to see what you can do ?

Log error: none

Uploading to websites is not allowed.

Reproduction and / or modification of the models for re-publication requires my release.

Have fun with it!

concept, Alfredix
models, Alfredix, GIANTS
testing, Alfredix

FS19_Manitou_MC18_Container.zip – 3.8 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com

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