In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99 In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99 In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99 In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99

It is strictly forbidden to pack load-plates and cargo-milk!
Only transport them in bulk and pack them in the “pickup”.

Necessary information:
Late autumn in the Russian outback. You need to deliver milk to the dairy and slabs to the construction site. And also logs – on sawmills. But, as always, after the previous shift, the cars are not refueled. And you also need to repair the bridge over the river, which collapsed yesterday – for this, you may have to dismantle one of the abandoned houses. And to figure out how to bring the garage parts, otherwise the driver stopped at the guarded yard for the night, and in the morning the guards refused to let the car out of the territory.

All goods must be sought independently – there are no spawn points on the map. In the search for goods you will be helped by signs on poles and “advertising”. And also the “accompanying” environment (cows or logs, for example).

Only 6 sawmills in multiplayer and 4 in the single. 1 power-saw bench is closed by plates, 1 – by cans. The rest are logs.

For slabs it’s convenient to use a panel truck (panelevoz) – a semi-trailer – an addon to the Urals, which comes complete with a map.

Unnecessary information:
For ordinary sawmills, medium and long logs are used. Unfortunately, there are no short ones, since plates and milk are made of them. For the same reason, all additional add-ons for Ural are redone from short to medium logs, and it is NOT recommended to carry short logs from auto-loading. For the arcade mode there is auto-loading, but it is not recommended to use it for full immersion.

On the map:
– 3 cars at the start (not refueled). Although you can contrive and hitch a trailer;
– At your disposal will also be an UAZ in the village. With it, you need to find another technique that will help you complete all the tasks;
– 4 garage points;
– 1 gas station;
– 1 closed garage;
– Train and working railway arrow;
– A lot of intelligence;
– A lot of equipment, because of which the garage plate will leave you behind the screen (because of the developers).

The card in two versions: standard autumn (MP) and early winter / spring (single), the maximum size. For more surroundings, you can install an additional mod on a crane and UAZ – only from Steam and this (but not necessary).

The first part was made for Spintires and it can be found here (probably I will convert it someday too)

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In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99
In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99
In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99
In Russian Outback 2 Map v0.99
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