1) The BMK-T towing and motor boat is designed to tow individual links, sections of the pontoon bridge when it is pointing, tow the bridge ribbon when it is turned, moved; for the delivery of anchors; for towing ferries assembled from a set of pontoon bridge park; for reconnaissance of the river. It can also be used to transport infantry (landing) personnel, tow non-self-propelled craft, patrol water obstacles and solve other problems on water obstacles.

2) The heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3M was adopted by the Soviet Army in 1974.
The heavy mechanized bridge ТММ-3М is intended for arrangement of bridge crossings over obstacles up to 40 m wide and 3 m deep with the goal of passing wheel and track loads up to 60 tons through them.

3) Tanker TZ-22
TZ-22 is a tanker machine developed by the engineering plant of Chelyabinsk. Launched in large production in 1964. In 1967 it began to be used by the Air Force of Russia. The basis for the equipment was the ChMZAP-5524 semi-trailer and the KRAZ-258 tractor.

4) PMP-60 – a set of floating bridge, which is in service in the engineering and road (transport) troops of the armed forces of many states of the world.

5) KrAZ-255B – Soviet heavy all-terrain vehicle with a 6 × 6 wheel formula. Designed for transporting goods and personnel on roads and off-road. Created on the basis of KrAZ-214B, from which the general layout is inherited. Among the main differences are the more powerful and economical YaMZ-238 motor and wide-profile tires with a centralized pressure control system.

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