This mod has all basic FS 15 functions + so-called “wheel shader” and Cover.lua specialization script from FS 17 (which has more attributes than its older FS 15 version).

Store data:
– Price: €/$/£ 123.000
– Maintenance: €/$/£ 360 per day
– Needed power: 198.5 kW/270 hp
– Working width: 12 m
– Capacity: 5800 l
– Crops: wheat, barley, rape, grass + additional (if the Multifruit mod is in “mods” catalog; e.g. oat, triticale, lucerne)

Other infos:
– After drive in/out from the trigger with seeds cover opens/closes automatically.
– You can fill the seeder from big bags.
– After purchase cover is closed (in opposition to vehicles with basic script to cover).
– In opposition to quintessence of polish “modding”, log is clean in singleplayer mode – you won’t find any error.

WARNING: Mod not tested in multiplayer mode, any problems with this mod in mp please report in comments section (if it’s possible).
ToDo-List (what to fix):
– Cover opens when the seeder is folded.
– You can fill the seeder when cover is closed.
– FillPlane is covered with texture of grain last selected before filling type of plant.
– Lack of dynamic pipes (I forgot to add them).
– Gloss and dirt on decals.

Model/Texture/FS 17 programming: GIANTS Software Cover.lua script (from FS 17): Stefan Geiger FS 15: agRush2k Help: Alan207 (thanks awfully :))

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DOWNLOAD (17 mb,

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