Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2 Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2 Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2 Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2

In this mod made:
A second premium class car, a lower landing, a dashboard in wood, seats – the color of ripe cherries, taillights a bit tuned, winter camouflage painted, two engines, one standard class, a second high-speed premium class, more powerful are added. The sound is also different. The truck is more designed for the track, but it will not cope badly with impassability.
There was also a standard class truck, without unnecessary additions, but with minor modifications, also two types of engines, one standard class, a second traction class, more powerful but less speed, designed for traction.
Each truck has its own type of wheels, depending on the type of operation.

Also, the dashboard lighting and exterior lighting have been adjusted and worked out.

Well, the rest is also left
Removed their add-ons, added default and third-party add-ons (19 default ones, added 6);
All added add-ons are downloaded from the site.
2 points were added to the dump truck and semi-trailer with blocks, it became 4/6 points (cargo weight was added).
Thanks to the authors of the mods / add-ons used.
The archive additionally cherry painting (put after the mod if desired).

And also the sound is changed
Added a crane (4 garage points), taken from here.
Reworked weight, suspension, landing, control;

P.S. ATTENTION: A tank semi-trailer with a large volume and weight has been added REPLACING A STANDARD TANK. Therefore, when installing, do not be surprised at the change in the mass and volume of the tank. If the tank does not suit, the way to remove the tank In the game folder (ClientModstar Media classes trucks – delete file – trailer_cistern.xml)

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Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2
Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2
Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2
Tatra 148 Next Truck v2.2
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